Icelandic Waterfalls

Our top three waterfalls in Iceland - it was hard to choose!

Our top three waterfalls in Iceland:

  1. Aldeyjarfoss: Located in north Iceland, in the Lake Myvatn area. After dinner at Godafoss we headed towards Aldeyjarfoss. The highway soon turned to gravel roads and lupine covered fields. The road is restricted to 4WD vehicles but you could technically park and walk a short distance in a 2WD. There were only a few cars in the parking lot when we arrived. You could hear the waterfall over in the distance but couldn’t see it. We hiked a short trail down and reached the magnificent waterfall. The dark, perfectly rectangular basalt columns framed the mesmerizing waterfall. We camped the night in the parking lot and were lucky enough to be the only vehicles there.

  2. Háifoss: Located in south Iceland, we visited this waterfall on the first evening of our road trip. We arrived shortly after 1:00 am and there were already a couple other camper vans in the parking lot. We decided to crash for the night and woke up early to see the waterfall for the first time. It’s easy to be blown away by the height of the waterfall, at 122 metres, it takes the record for the second highest waterfall in Iceland. There is also a neighbouring waterfall a short distance from Háifoss called Granni. The two waterfalls definitely made a picturesque sight. As we were walking around a helicopter flew over the falls and landed on a couple hundred metres from us, what a way to experience Iceland!

  3. Name Unknown - East Fjords: Located on the East Fords, this waterfall was found during an unexpected roadside lunchbreak. Erik was able to climb down to the base of the river before it dropped off into the waterfall. As per most waterfall stops, you could see me hovering far from the edge telling him to be safe. I hope you guys find this beauty of a waterfall and get out to explore it! It’s located somewhere past Seyðisfjörður.