Rushing River in the Winter

Groomed ski trails, snowshoeing and open water. Is there anything better?

Rushing River

February 2016

February is always a crazy month for me. There’s quite a few birthdays (including my own), planning for the Delta Waterfowl Fundraising Dinner and then gearing up for the climbing competition in March. In early February, two girlfriends and I took a break from the hectic part of life and did a Sunday road trip out to Rushing River Provincial Park.

Bailey and Mel picked me up from my apartment first thing Sunday morning and with our snowshoes and white cheddar KD packed, we made the drive out to Ontario. The weather was beautiful with temperatures in the low minus digits and the sun shining. When we pulled up to the park we were the only car in the lot which was fairly expected in the middle of winter.

Rushing River Provincial Park parking lot

We unpacked our snowshoes, layered up and stuck some snacks in our backpack. We decided to hike the Lower Rapids Trail before lunch and headed for the trail across the highway. The Lower Rapids Trail is probably the most popular hike at the park, it’s short, accessible right off the highway and not challenging at all. That however, does not mean its lacking beauty, especially in the winter. The open water rushing against the snow filled banks is a beautiful scene.

After spending some time lounging in the snow and taking photos, we continued back to the car to pick up our stove and supplies for lunch. We ran into a group packing up and loading their cross country skies into their car. Apparently the roads within the park are groomed as ski trails all winter long, with an attendant comes out every Friday to maintain them. The Park’s website says there are 16 kilometres of groomed trails at a variety of difficulties! We decided to snowshoe along the trails to find a campsite down by the water for lunch. After stopping by a few sites we decided to head across the frozen lake for better prospects.

Across the lake we found a secluded spot warmed by the afternoon sunlight. We started up the stove for some coffee and hot chocolate and then continued with lunch. After stuffing our faces with white cheddar mac and cheese and chicken salad sandwiches we decided to snowshoe back to the car. Driving 6 hours definitely makes for a long day but it was definitely worth it.