Kodiak Acadia Hiking Boots

The. Best. Boots. Ever.

Kodiak Acadia Boots

“No Winnipeger alive has ever experienced the kind of winter we’ve just survived” – CBC Manitoba describes the winter of 2014 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and boy were they right. Water pipes across the city froze, leaving thousands of Winnipegers without running water. Temperatures routinely dropped below -30C and there were frigid nights where the windchill took the temperature to -46C. Needless to say, it was COLD!

But, and there is a but to this story, my feet stayed dry and warm thanks to my Kodiak Acadia boots. I’ve included some highlights below.

Style: These are the most fashionable “hiking” boots I’ve ever seen. Granted, I would only take them on light hikes. Trust me – I can speak from experience. I wore these on my first 60km+ hiking trip through the rain which wasn’t my smartest decision to date.

Durability: These are great for everyday wear – in the city, camping, 20 km hikes. During the aforementioned 60 km hike I attempted to dry my boots out over a fire. Ten minutes later they were smoking as I scorched the mink oil from the leather. Apparently they don’t survive being cooked, but most boots won’t.

Warmth: SO WARM. No complaints.

Waterproof: I’ve walked through puddles and have survived without any leaks. I wouldn’t recommend slugging through bogs.

Thing to improve: I find these boots lack good support. An improved insole would make these boots the cream of the crop.